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Ready for Costa Rica?

We are just 2 hours from Miami, in the most beautiful and exciting country in the world! A treasure of nature, incredibly safe, perfect weather, and a paradise for exploring, sightseeing, romance and memories. See travel ideas and where to stay here

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Here are the testimonials

"A warm note to my new close friends and wonderful doctors at the Costa Rica Fertility Center, thank you so much for my precious baby, my husband and I are thrilled beyond words. After trying everything else, our dream of having a baby was realized with the help of your Center and you made it easy and thoroughly gratifying the whole way. As you said all along, trust, love and enjoy the experience. Thank you to all of the wonderful doctors who gave so much to our family.”

Aaron and Janet
Dallas, TX

" From our new family to all of the doctors and staff at the Costa Rica Fertility Center, we would like to thank you so much for all that you have done to help us achieve our dream of having a baby together. Darren is now a toddler, and a magnificent child. After so much time of trying to conceive, you helped us every step of the way to achieve our goal. We are so grateful. Thank you for your expertise and commitment to helping us have the most precious gift possible.”

Kimmie and Brett
Los Angeles, CA

" I wanted to write this message of gratitude to let you know how wonderful our experience was with the Costa Rica Fertility Center. We had always known that Costa Rica was the main destination for IVF, and your center was recommended as the best for successful results. I am thrilled that you gave us such wonderful time and attention, and a beautiful, loving baby! Your professionalism and expertise was exactly what we needed to guide us along the way. Thank you to everyone, we are so very happy and content with our new family.”

Stef and Peter
Charlottesville, VA

" From the moment we arrived in Costa Rica, we both knew we had made the right decision and had come to the right place. We were met at the airport, given a wonderful guided tour through your beautiful city of San José, and then taken to your amazing center for consultation. I felt I had already known you for years because of our frequent video conferences. I had brought the test results with me as you asked, and you had everything prepared in advance as promised. What service! I am not yet pregnant, but I know from your knowledge and encouragement that it is just a matter of time. I am blessed to have found your center and I know we are in good hands as we continue our journey.”

Sharon and Robert
Tampa Bay, FL

" Hello from Las Vegas! This Alicia and Mark. We are writing for others to let everyone know that the Costa Rica Fertility Center is everything we expected, and more! We are extremely blessed to have our baby girl and it was completely due to the expertise, care and knowledge of the incredible staff at the center. Initial uncertainty was quickly replaced by hope and optimism on the very first day we arrived, and our baby has added love and a solid foundation to our family as go forward into the future. To those considering Costa Rica, yes, go with confidence and be happy. You are in great hands with wonderful doctors there.”

Alicia and Mark
Madison, WI

" A warm note of appreciation for all that you have done. When Eric and I decided to start a family, time went by without success, so we turned to the doctors of the Costa Rica Fertility Center, and it was the best thing we could have ever done. The doctors spent plenty of time with us, both on video conferencing before we came to Costa Rica, and personally when we were there. The visit to Costa Rica gave us a great opportunity to see and do wonderful things during a much-needed vacation, as well as to successfully start a family. We now have a healthy, happy baby boy, weighing in at 8 lbs, 9 oz. The happiness we feel when holding him is more than we ever dreamed of. It is truly a miracle. Thank you to everyone at the Costa Rica Fertility Center for our blessing.”

Lisa and Eric
Phoenix, AZ

" To the wonderful doctors at the Costa Rica Fertility Center, thank you for everything you have done for James and I. We thank God for our beautiful, healthy daughter every day and we feel so fortunate that we chose to come to Costa Rica for help and guidance. Your staff showed amazing compassion for us and you took all the time needed to help us through the process. You continuously showed kindness and expertise, and supported us through everything. I know you will continue your great work helping others, so, for us, thank you a million times over.”

Mia and James
Chicago, IL

" George and I are so pleased to tell the world that we are proud new parents, thanks to the dedicated and wonderful staff at the Costa Rice Fertility Center. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in June and all of the emotional waves were worth the journey! I enjoyed every single day while pregnant, and became completely immersed in creating and growing my baby. To my doctors and nurses, as well as the amazing staff at the center, I am forever indebted to your love and dedication to myself and husband, and I thank you so much for my precious gift.”

Elena and George
Charlotte, NC

" I came to Costa Rica full of hope and optimism, and I was not disappointed. My husband and I experienced the most wonderful doctors at the Costa Rica Fertility Center and our dream came true when I became pregnant and had little Noah. After a long stretch of trying unsuccessfully to conceive, and knowing that my biological clock was ticking, I knew that I needed professional help and I was told that the Center was the place to go. After 3 video conferences, I took a direct flight to San José, the capital city of Costa Rica, and met with the doctors. The IVF process was tolerable and very fulfilling, and the staff was amazingly compassionate and competent. Ethan and I are thrilled to be new parents and we owe it all to all who helped us at the center. Thank you for everything.”

Ann and Ethan
Colorado Springs, CO

" We are so thankful and blessed to have the great doctors and staff at the Costa Rica Fertility Center help us. My husband and I had challenges with conceiving, but the doctors knew exactly what to do for us to reach our goal of having the most precious baby you can possibly imagine. I did not need multiple treatments, and the procedures I had were successful right away. Thank you for caring and for your patience and professionalism, you kept us motivated and positive the entire time.”

Natalia and Asher
Spokane, WA

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